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Go Jump Off A Cliff – Life is a Risk

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” – Kurt Vonnegut

Every time we make a decision, not only do we stand to lose something, we stand to gain as well. Our job is to take the steps to ensure that we gain much more than we lose.

Living a better life means that we need to learn what risks are acceptable to live the life that we truly desire. Not leaving the house ...

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Using the Power of Color for Personal Growth and Healing

Color can express your innermost thoughts, feelings, intuitions, and even your physical sensations.

Color can help you understand messages being sent or picked up by your unconscious.

Sometimes the meaning is layered; sometimes it is obvious and at other times it might defy insight. The important thing though, is your interpreted meaning of how the color affects you at any given moment. It is not necessarily a constant either. The color lavender can make you feel relaxed and calm one day, and ...

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The Secret to Countering Negative Self-Talk

I don’t know that creative people have the entire market cornered on self-deprecation but we artistic types can tend to be very hard on ourselves.

Someone is knocking at the door of your mind and most likely your heart. You know it’s that little voice inside your head. Not the one with wings. It’s the one with horns.

You don’t answer and yet, you already know what the little devil is saying.

I can’t do this.
I’m not ready.
I’m not good enough.

It only ...

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