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Stoking Your Centered-In-Self Fire

Selfish? ME???

Oh gawd yes. I just didn’t know it.

Selfishness isn’t always about not being generous. It’s about being self-centered.

It’s the need to always be right.
It’s the need to be the center of attention.
It’s the need to be validated.
It’s the need to take credit.
It’s the need to be a martyr.
It’s the need to blame.
It’s the need to complain.
It’s an entitlement issue, and not a good one.

Being “centered-in-self” is the antidote.

Aren’t they the same thing? ...

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How Dare You Settle For Less?

Why oh why is it so easy to settle for less?

Because feeling unfulfilled is better than fulfillment?

Ummmm, since when? Need I say more?

Because no one will criticize you?

Who are you kidding? Those who will criticize will criticize anyway. Who cares!

Most of the time, we think people are far more critical than they actually are. Granted, there are always the dumb-head nog-nogs (that’s the word my sweetheart uses when he is trying to mind his language!) that just won’t be anything ...

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