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Four Women Meet Old Soul

An Old Soul Archaeology parable on embracing intuition and creativity.


One dark and starry night, four women descended into the river of their dreams and met the Sage Feminine also known as Old Soul.

Somewhere in the ascent from the sacred waters the first woman, having seen Old Soul in all her wisdom, lost her mind and went walking, lost in the desert until the end of her days.

The second woman said to herself cynically, “What a silly dream. There is no ...

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The Hjarta Maiden – A Winter Solstice Story To Warm and Guide You

Written by Michele Jennae ©2015

Hjarta Centennial

Population 632, Hjarta, Norway was a tiny little town along the Altafjord that no one had heard of, except those who lived there. Because of the Hjarta spirit, no one ever seemed to have the want or need to leave.

It was December 21st, and the town was abustle with excitement and preparation. With only little more than 5 hours of daylight, or perhaps just a dayglow, there was much to do in little time.

For most ...

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