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Six Myths of Creativity

Myths of Creativity

  1. Only some are endowed
    It’s true that some people seem to have a special gift when it comes to their creative talents, but while their talents might be different, they are not alone in being given creative abilities. Everyone has them.

  2. Creativity comes easy ( to those that have the gift)
    Creativity takes work! Practice. Repetition. Those people you think are especially endowed probably just ...
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Alcohol Inks and Creative Flow

How I Found Alcohol Inks

I discovered alcohol inks on accident. I was looking for “betun de judea,” a medium used for giving a variety of works an aged look or patina, for the embossed metal I was working on. Popular in Mexico, betun de judea is often sold in the craft stores alongside the other tools for repujado (repousse in French), otherwise known as embossed metal in the United States. Embossed Metal - Michele Jennae Continue Reading →