Rise Up Creativity

Creative PhoenixRenew the Ashes, Revive the Self, Restore the Soul!

Renew the Ashes – We all have things in our lives that need renewing. Often we don’t even realize that the burning embers of our lives are renewable as well. While there are potentially many ways to do this, I have found that creativity and art-making are amazingly effective.

Revive the Self – One of the paradoxes of this life is trying to fit in while still being our authentic selves. You may feel you have lost that authenticity but it is possible to bring back to life.

Restore the Soul – Creative pursuits help us to deal with the reality of experience, and like James Joyce’s character journals in A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man, it is part of forging “in the smithy of my soul.”

The Mission

To help you find the Creative Phoenix within you that is ready to Rise Up and battle with the gods!