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What is Creative Space?

We’re often encouraged to give ourselves creative space. I tell my clients, family, and friends to do the same, even as I struggle to do it regularly for myself. But what exactly is Creative Space?

When we refer to space in our personal lives we can see it as a sort of protective container. We don’t just think of space in the geographical sense, however. We can also see it as emotional space, physical space, and of course creative space.

What is ...

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Michele Jennae Creativity Coach

The Creative Curve

There is a certain curve that all creatives must go through when they decide to start a new project. It’s otherwise known a U curve, or a “painting curve” as it’s called by Lisa Congdon in Art, Inc. I like to call it the “Creative Curve” because it happens to artists and creators of all kinds.

When you begin a painting (or any creative endeavor), you find yourself at the top left of the curve, with an idea in your head that ...

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Michele Jennae

7 Characteristics for Creative Growth

When people are asked if they are creative, the answer is generally a resounding YES or a resounding NO. The reality is that many of us fall somewhere in between, because while Creativity is a capacity we all have, it is one that is developed over time. Much like Motor Skills are developed over time, so are the cognitive-emotional skills of Creativity.

Below are 7 Characteristics that can be nurtured and strengthened for enhanced creativity.

  1. Courage:

    It takes a brave person in this ...

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Quiet Time Essential for Creativity

“Quiet time to fuel creativity?

Originally published as a guest post on the lovely and creative Kayce Hughlett’s blog “Live it to Give it”

“Are you kidding me? I have no time for quiet, and no time for creativity. I have projects to finish, problems to solve, lists of tasks to complete and check off my list….”

It’s hard to take time for yourself. Quiet time. Relaxed time. YOUR TIME.So about your projects and problems and tasks. They all require brain power and ...

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Mirror of Creativity

The Mirror of Creativity

The Mirror of Creativity

Although Alexander Papaderos was not the kindergarten teacher of Robert Fulghum, author of All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, Fulghum tells the story Papaderos shared with him at a two week seminar on Greek Culture that illustrates the mirror of creativity.

Papaderos pulled a small circular mirror from his pocket when asked by one of the seminar attendees, “what is the meaning of life?”

He proceeded to explain that when he was a small boy ...

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ZenDally Doodle

ZenDally Doodle Relaxation

To Doodle or Not to Doodle

There is nothing new about doodling. People have probably been doodling since there was pen and paper, probably even since the early humans made marks with sticks and rocks in the dirt.

What is new is the focus on the benefits of doodling, and that has given rise to the art of doodling for relaxation, stress relief, creative inspiration and more. You may have heard of ZenTangle (r), which is a trademarked art form of doodling, ...

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Creative Clarity

Clarity from Creativity

How can Creativity give me Clarity?

Traditionally, people think of creativity as a means of process to an end toward a final product – a piece of art, a music score, a completed poem, etc. Once the product is finished, we tend to disregard the remaining power in creativity.

Creativity can actually lead us to clarity, about ourselves. Approaching creativity as a life-process instead of just a product-process can give us insight into our very own essence. An Art Making Practice is ...

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The Stuff of Creativity

The Stuff of Creativity and Why It’s Important

Capital A Art vs. The Stuff of Creativity

Art. Capital A Art sounds stuffy and uptight, but by simply removing the y from stuffy, we get stuff and amazingly stuff is not stuffy.

Capital A Art has baggage – the hushed proper silence of museums, the perfect gilded frames, and of course Art critics. Ee gads.

Capital A Art is often heavily guarded, illegally reproduced and plagiarized, and looked at down bespectacled noses. If it’s being admired, it’s often only in hushed reverence ...

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Blowing Bubbles

ZenDally Activities – Outside

What are ZenDally Activities?

ZenDally™ Activities are imaginative activities that make us feel vibrantly alive and connected to the most essential part of ourselves.

They are also a way to give our left brain a break. When we turn the volume down on our left brain for a while, it gives the right brain the chance to tap into our subconscious to access the resources of memory, creativity, imagination, and intuition. That’s why we get all sorts of crazy ideas when we ...

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Wasting Time Wisely with zendally

The Art of Wasting Time with ZenDally

Is there an Art of Wasting Time?

If you do it right, waste time that is, you can enhance both your creativity and well-being. I call it ZenDally which translates unofficially to “take time mindfully.” See my ZenDally™ page for a deeper definition.

“You gotta know when to be lazy. Done correctly, it’s an art form that benefits everyone.” 
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