Alcohol Inks and Creative Flow

How I Found Alcohol Inks

I discovered alcohol inks on accident. I was looking for “betun de judea,” a medium used for giving a variety of works an aged look or patina, for the embossed metal I was working on. Popular in Mexico, betun de judea is often sold in the craft stores alongside the other tools for repujado (repousse in French), otherwise known as embossed metal in the United States. Embossed Metal - Michele Jennae Continue Reading →


Cognitive Reboot to Cure Creative Block

Get Past Creative Block With A Cognitive Reboot

Creative block feels like the death knell to your artistic and other creative pursuits and projects, especially if you work under deadlines.

While many things can contribute to a creative block, including feeling tired, overwhelmed, underwhelmed, ill, unorganized, or misunderstood. But one reason we rarely stop to consider is our own self-talk.

According to Psychology professor Robert Boice, who does cognitive work with writers experiencing block, wrong thinking, or negative self-talk, is a primary cause of that ...

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The Book of Nothings – A Different Way to Journal

A Different Way to Journal

When you keep a journal or try to record ideas, are you bound by expectation?

Write within the lines.

Spell correctly and use proper grammar.

Use complete sentences.

Fill at least 2/3 of the page.

Journal or free-write for at least 10 minutes.

Write what you know.

These are among the many “rules” we are given for writing, some of which are instilled in us from a very young age by our teachers in their relentless struggle to mold our use of language. ...

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Imagination to Enhance Creativity Beyond Knowledge

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Imagination Enhances Creativity

Necessity is very often the mother of invention, perhaps knowledge the father, but imagination is the midwife.
Creativity can happen when you make connections between your subject and something that is totally unrelated. Imagination fills in gaps in the information before you and leads to new ...
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The HEART of Creativity

Authentic Creativity and Emotions are inextricably linked.

The more I study creativity, the more I see that it is in essence a psychology or study of the human psyche.
Expression means “the action of manifesting a feeling.” Creativity is material expression. Material in the sense that it can be experienced (witnessed) by self and others.
Even the seemingly feeling-less creativity of problem solving carries with it feelings of pride and the desire to be helpful.
One might reasonably assume from historical accounts that the ...
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The Courage to Create

Why can’t creativity be easy?
Why is it so hard to be creative?
What do I need courage for?
Courage comes from the root word Coeur meaning heart. If you are not creating with heart, then you are not really creating in the truest sense of the word. To create is to bring forth. Life only comes from life, and the beating heart is the surest sign of life there is.
Courage is an inner strength, ...
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The Inefficiency of Being Creative

How many times have you heard a smart, snappy, energetic person say, “I am not creative.”?

I’ve heard it plenty of times, all the while screaming at them in silence from the core of my soul…YES YOU ARE!

But I can’t REALLY yell at them. That would scare them. How creative would you want to be if a creativity coach yelled at you?

What I would like to tell them, in a whisper is that, yes you are creative and in slow, languid ...

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Four Women Meet Old Soul

An Old Soul Archaeology parable on embracing intuition and creativity.


One dark and starry night, four women descended into the river of their dreams and met the Sage Feminine also known as Old Soul.

Somewhere in the ascent from the sacred waters the first woman, having seen Old Soul in all her wisdom, lost her mind and went walking, lost in the desert until the end of her days.

The second woman said to herself cynically, “What a silly dream. There is no ...

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