Go Jump Off A Cliff – Life is a Risk

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” – Kurt Vonnegut

Every time we make a decision, not only do we stand to lose something, we stand to gain as well. Our job is to take the steps to ensure that we gain much more than we lose.

Living a better life means that we need to learn what risks are acceptable to live the life that we truly desire. Not leaving the house ...

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Life with a Capital L

Are you LIVING?? REALLY LIVING? And not just dying a little each day? Because after all, we are all headed in the same direction. How we go is another story. Living with a lowercase l is more like dying a little every day.

I want to go singing and dancing and even crying. I want to FEEL ALIVE! That means emotions, that means pain, but it also means exuberance ...

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Avoiding the Avoidance of Life’s Messes

OK, so I struggled with the title for this one. But think about it.

Are you avoiding life’s messes? Because believe me, LIFE IS MESSY no matter what, but a life “lived out loud” or as I like to say “above the line” is even messier. Why? Because it means that you take more risks, you sacrifice comfort (and I say that loosely) for achievement and true satisfaction.

“Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.”
― Will ...

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Happiness is a Habit

Happiness is a Habit

You’ve probably rolled your eyes at a few uber-happy people. “It must be an act,” you tell yourself. “If they only knew my story, they’d understand why I’m such a grouch.”
But, it’s true. Happiness is a habit. Happy is an attitude and attitude is a choice. In the book ”
“The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People” by David Niven, Ph.D. says, “Use a strategy for happiness.” He proposes that both happy and unhappy people do ...

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The Hjarta Maiden – A Winter Solstice Story To Warm and Guide You

Written by Michele Jennae ©2015

Hjarta Centennial

Population 632, Hjarta, Norway was a tiny little town along the Altafjord that no one had heard of, except those who lived there. Because of the Hjarta spirit, no one ever seemed to have the want or need to leave.

It was December 21st, and the town was abustle with excitement and preparation. With only little more than 5 hours of daylight, or perhaps just a dayglow, there was much to do in little time.

For most ...

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Stoking Your Centered-In-Self Fire

Selfish? ME???

Oh gawd yes. I just didn’t know it.

Selfishness isn’t always about not being generous. It’s about being self-centered.

It’s the need to always be right.
It’s the need to be the center of attention.
It’s the need to be validated.
It’s the need to take credit.
It’s the need to be a martyr.
It’s the need to blame.
It’s the need to complain.
It’s an entitlement issue, and not a good one.

Being “centered-in-self” is the antidote.

Aren’t they the same thing? ...

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How Dare You Settle For Less?

Why oh why is it so easy to settle for less?

Because feeling unfulfilled is better than fulfillment?

Ummmm, since when? Need I say more?

Because no one will criticize you?

Who are you kidding? Those who will criticize will criticize anyway. Who cares!

Most of the time, we think people are far more critical than they actually are. Granted, there are always the dumb-head nog-nogs (that’s the word my sweetheart uses when he is trying to mind his language!) that just won’t be anything ...

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Using the Power of Color for Personal Growth and Healing

Color can express your innermost thoughts, feelings, intuitions, and even your physical sensations.

Color can help you understand messages being sent or picked up by your unconscious.

Sometimes the meaning is layered; sometimes it is obvious and at other times it might defy insight. The important thing though, is your interpreted meaning of how the color affects you at any given moment. It is not necessarily a constant either. The color lavender can make you feel relaxed and calm one day, and ...

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The Secret to Countering Negative Self-Talk

I don’t know that creative people have the entire market cornered on self-deprecation but we artistic types can tend to be very hard on ourselves.

Someone is knocking at the door of your mind and most likely your heart. You know it’s that little voice inside your head. Not the one with wings. It’s the one with horns.

You don’t answer and yet, you already know what the little devil is saying.

I can’t do this.
I’m not ready.
I’m not good enough.

It only ...

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