Clarity from Creativity

How can Creativity give me Clarity?

Traditionally, people think of creativity as a means of process to an end toward a final product – a piece of art, a music score, a completed poem, etc. Once the product is finished, we tend to disregard the remaining power in creativity.

Creativity can actually lead us to clarity, about ourselves. Approaching creativity as a life-process instead of just a product-process can give us insight into our very own essence. An Art Making Practice is a great way to do this.

Clarity comes in the doing.

What is an Art Making Practice?

An Art Making Practice (AMP) is a regularly scheduled ongoing program that you can do on your own or with a group of people.

First we must work on our Intention and Commitment to one’s self in deciding to begin an Art Making Practice. Then we must be willing to explore our own varied approaches to the art-making process while also honing our skills to be able to bring the images and feelings in our heads and hearts into form. We must also work within our own minds to develop our Self-Awareness, becoming familiar with our thoughts and learning how to replace the negative and critical with positive and uplifting. In this way we will grow out art as a personal expression of our soulful self. After all, all authentic art is a self-portrait. Lastly, if we are willing and courageous, we must learn to bridge the gap between ourselves and the world around us through our art.

What can an Art Making Practice do for me?

  1. Give you the opportunity to experiment and explore
  2. Provide creative freedom to let go of judgments and comparisons
  3. Allow you to take time to smell the roses, um, I mean crayons!
  4. Bring back the magic of childhood art making
  5. Nurture and grow your creative spirit
  6. Help fuel creative energy to explore techniques and grow skills
  7. Ultimately, gain clarity



About the Author:

Michele Jennae is an Old Soul Archaeologist and self-realization coach, helping people connect with their authentic life center in the areas of career, life, and creativity.
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