I love working with groups! The sessions are dynamic and full of creative energy.


Local Art-Making Classes


Painting With Alcohol Ink – This is one medium where you can literally let your creativity FLOW as you learn to let go of perfectionist tendencies, and even artistic expectations while still learning to find fulfillment in the process and the product (end result).

Basic Alcohol Ink on Ceramic Tiles – Learn to let your perfectionist tendencies go as you allow the paint to flow. Includes mini-tutorial on how to make homemade alcohol inks for a fraction of the retail store cost.

DIY Alcohol Ink – $ave money by learning to make Alcohol Inks at home. Instead of $6 per ounce for storebought inks, make your own for under $2 per ounce. Offered alongside other Alcohol Ink Painting Classes.

ZenDally DoodleBugs – Great for CHILDREN’S BIRTHDAY PARTIES! Recommended ages 8-15. Keep the fires of creativity stoked in your children while also encouraging mindfulness with a DoodleBugs party. Participants will learn the basics of ZenDally Doodle and create a personalized doodle to frame and take home with them.

ZenDally Doodles – Simple Shapes and Step-by-Step instructions for mindful doodling and home-made coloring pages that are your own designs.

ZenBossed Metal – Embossed Metal Classes – Kick up your creative output with this revered and classic art form in countries like France, Italy, Spain, and Mexico.


Local Soul Restoration Events

BReaTHeSWeLL – Practice the Japanese art of Shinrin-Yoku or Forest Breathing for a restored mindfulness and appreciation for the beauty of our natural world, using all five senses.

ZenDally – the art of wasting time for creativity and well-being. Take part in a variety of short, easy, mini-mind-breaks to restore energy and focus.


Online Courses & Classes

Meraki Mousas

The D.R.E.A.M. Catcher Method

Old Soul Archaeology

Storify Me

Creative Visioneering