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7 Characteristics for Creative Growth

When people are asked if they are creative, the answer is generally a resounding YES or a resounding NO. The reality is that many of us fall somewhere in between, because while Creativity is a capacity we all have, it is one that is developed over time. Much like Motor Skills are developed over time, so are the cognitive-emotional skills of Creativity.

Below are 7 Characteristics that can be nurtured and strengthened for enhanced creativity.

  1. Courage:

    It takes a brave person in this ...

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The Inefficiency of Being Creative

How many times have you heard a smart, snappy, energetic person say, “I am not creative.”?

I’ve heard it plenty of times, all the while screaming at them in silence from the core of my soul…YES YOU ARE!

But I can’t REALLY yell at them. That would scare them. How creative would you want to be if a creativity coach yelled at you?

What I would like to tell them, in a whisper is that, yes you are creative and in slow, languid ...

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