The Stuff of Creativity and Why It’s Important

Capital A Art vs. The Stuff of Creativity

Art. Capital A Art sounds stuffy and uptight, but by simply removing the y from stuffy, we get stuff and amazingly stuff is not stuffy.

Capital A Art has baggage – the hushed proper silence of museums, the perfect gilded frames, and of course Art critics. Ee gads.

Capital A Art is often heavily guarded, illegally reproduced and plagiarized, and looked at down bespectacled noses. If it’s being admired, it’s often only in hushed reverence instead of sometimes appropriate celebratory clamor.

So let’s make more stuff. More art – lowercase a.

Why the Stuff of Creativity is Important

While it’s ok to aspire to make ART and even be showcased in museums and art galleries, making Stuff just takes the pressure off.

There’s no pretense. People can like it or lump it. And we are free to let our hair down, make noise, go crazy and YES, even make mistakes.

In fact, mistakes are the stuff of Stuff. Experimental art, which is the art of a proper Art Making Practice, is full of mistakes, mishaps, do-overs, and sometimes even the revolving file bin otherwise known as the trash can.

The Stuff of lowercase a art frees us to be ourselves! Who are you?

Are you interested in an Art Making Practice? Send me an email with AMP in the subject line. Starting soon, both locally in western El Dorado County, California and online worldwide.

Also check out my Services page for more information on the Art Making Practice called Old Soul Archaeology.


About the Author:

Michele Jennae is an Old Soul Archaeologist and self-realization coach, helping people connect with their authentic life center in the areas of career, life, and creativity.
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