ZenDally Activities – Outside

What are ZenDally Activities?

ZenDally™ Activities are imaginative activities that make us feel vibrantly alive and connected to the most essential part of ourselves.

They are also a way to give our left brain a break. When we turn the volume down on our left brain for a while, it gives the right brain the chance to tap into our subconscious to access the resources of memory, creativity, imagination, and intuition. That’s why we get all sorts of crazy ideas when we take a shower or lie down for a nap, or while we are driving. Our left brain relaxes a bit and we can hear our inner voice whispering secrets of wisdom.

Getting outside also has amazing health benefits, from fresh air and sunshine to exercise and spatial freedom.

Ten ZenDally Activities for Outside

Here are ten ZenDally™ Activities to do Outdoors. For all ages.

  1. Blow bubbles – Who isn’t captivated by the magic of floating balls of translucent soap film?
  2. Treasure hunt – You don’t need to have any specific treasure in mind. See what you find in the yard that speaks to you. An interesting twig, a cool stone, a bird’s nest.
  3. Catnap on the lawn – lay down a towel or just lie in the grass. Breathe in the fresh air and drift off to sleep for a short spell.
  4. Hopscotch – find a hopscotch outline or make your own with sidewalk chalk. Even leaves and rocks would work.
  5. Make mudpies – It’s good to get dirty sometimes and the feel of wet goopy earth between your fingers can be very soothing.
  6. Bugservation – See how many different bugs you can find crawling and flying around outside. Write them down or draw them. There’s probably more than you know.
  7. Earthing – Walk around in your bare feet. Like the mudpie activity, it is good to have direct contact with the earth.
  8. Listen to heaven and nature sing – Sit a spell and just listen to the sounds around you, hopefully getting past planes, trains, and automobiles to the sounds of buzzing bees and chirping birds.
  9. Eat outdoors – You don’t have to go anywhere to enjoy a picnic lunch. No basket required – Just take your plate and find a comfy place to sit and enjoy your meal slowly.
  10. Dandelion harvesting – Find the yellow blooms and harvest for dandelion wine or dandelion jelly, or just rub the yellow essence on the back of your hand for fun. Make a wish by blowing on the seeded blooms of the mature dandelions.



About the Author:

Michele Jennae is an Old Soul Archaeologist and self-realization coach, helping people connect with their authentic life center in the areas of career, life, and creativity.
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